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¿Mountain biking in Tenerife?       ¡Only ELECTRIC mountain biking in Tenerife!  


You may think: I would like to rent electric bike in Tenerife, but what is real advantage over standard mountain bike? POWER. Answer is power - ELECTRIC power - multiplication of YOUR power on mountain e-bike !


Few facts. Average man, average biker gives approx. power:
• 50 Watt during recreational, lazy biking
• 100 Watt during normal biking
• 150 Watt during sport biking or uphill biking
200 Watt during intensive sport or mountain biking
400 Watt during doped, very very intensive mountain biking


  And  ...   • 250 Watt of ELECTRIC mountain bike for hire with hybrid BIKES


These 400 Watt are more or less maximum of human ability - such crazy effort allowed 12/06/1979 avid cyclist Brian Allen to fly over the English Channel / Canal La Manche in human-powered aircraft Gossamer Albatross - crossed 35,8 km in 2h49. After start his altitude was around few meters above see level but at the end of this unusual bike experience he was so exhausted that altitude decreased to 0,5 - 1 m.


And now ... you can ride on electric mountain bike in Tenerife and reach these approx. 35 km from the cost of Atlantic Ocean in Tenerife Sur to the plateau of Mt. Teide (over 2.000 m above see level) in about 3h of bike riding!   Simple equation - yours 100/150 Watt + engine's 250 Watt = 350/400 Watt of total power to your disposition on ELECTRIC mountain bike for rent in Tenerife with hybrid BIKES!   You can feel as an avid cyclist!


See the description of the possible routes in Tenerife Sur for recreational mountain e-biking & feel the power of ELECTRIC mountain biking in Tenerife :)


e-Biking with hybrid BIKES - only ELECTRIC mountain bikes in Tenerife !

E-bike mountainbiking mit hybrid BIKES - nur ELECTRIC mountainbikes auf Teneriffa !