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¡Enjoy riding & mountain biking in Tenerife with ELECTRIC mountain bikes for rent!


The hybridBIKES goal is to let clients rent a mountain e-Bike which could take you to the plateau of the Mount of Teide (over 2.000 m above sea level) with little sweat, without killing your legs or let’s say it - without feeling like dying on the way there :) For this you’d need to hire a powerful electric mountain bike, with a powerful battery.


So here it is e-mountain bike for rentelectric bike with typical mountain 22x32x42 crankset & oversize 12-36 cassette. It is a comfortable, recreational version of mountain bike with gel trekking seats, ergo grips with horns, adjustable shock absorber with lockout (enabling you to block it during uphill), low rolling resistance tires and most of all with 36V battery with 20Ah capacity, compared to typical 8 – 10Ah, typical trekking eBike. This is the electric mountain bike with a fast charging battery (from 0-75% in 1 hour) which gives you max. 250W of support and can be charged while you’re having a coffee in a cafe on the way.


The mountain eBike for rent from hybrid BIKES may also take you for a 20 km ride on promenade and then further to an aloe park, a bananera, the mountains or to the cliffs of Los Gigantes - anywhere you wish, and back to your hotel :)


Electric mountain bike for rent from hybrid BIKES is a typical European Union pedelec - its engine starts moment after you start pedaling, and when you stop pedaling - engine stops too :) It's a very efficient way to assist you during ride, especially uphills. When you reach 25km/h engine will nicely disengage itself, below this limit will start to support your efforts.


Hire an eBike with hybrid BIKES - only ELECTRIC mountain bikes in Tenerife !

eBike zu vermieten mit hybrid BIKES - nur ELECTRIC mountainbikes auf Teneriffa !