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¿Looking for mountain bike for rent in Tenerife?       ¡Choose ELECTRIC mountain bike in Tenerife!


¿Is there a big difference between typical standard e-Bike and mountain e-Bike for rent in Tenerife with hybrid BIKES? ¡Yes it is! please have a look at the main features.


ELECTRIC mountain bike Tenerife by hybrid BIKES :)
big 20Ah battery LIFEPo4     •     9 PAS levels     •     27 mountain gears
for long distance & YES mountains and hills


cheap eBIKE :(
small ~8Ah battery LiON     •     only ~3 PAS levels     •     only ~7 city gears
NO mountains or hills & only short distance


Please keep in mind that Tenerife is not flat – here is a lot of hills & mountains, begins from these small till those big ones. Tenerife it is a mountain island – just ideal for rent electric mountain bike.


Go uphill a mountain requires renting powerful eBike with strong, efficient battery because go up requires 3-5 times more power (~200 W) then go on flat ground (~50 W). Also requires very efficient mountain bike because during an uphill mountain ride you need to use many mountain gears of your e-bike in order to not strain legs & to cooperate well with your e-mountain bike. Rental our electric mountain bike gives to your disposition as low gear as 22x36 and also very fast 42x12, just like in a premium non electric mountain bike :)


As far as renting cheap eBike could be enough on flat ground, in steep hills & mountain uphills in Tenerife it will not work properly. Here even 20 km ride on seeside promenade is really hilly bike experience. Standard eBike will stop after few kilometres of uphill or after 30 minutes because of lack of power in battery or/and you will stop it because it will be killing your legs because of lack of real mountain mechanical gears. So, standard eBike is so bad? No, not at all - only in Tenerife :(


Which eBike rental would satisfy you on holiday in Tenerife?


Rent an eBike with hybrid BIKES - only ELECTRIC mountain bikes in Tenerife !

eBike verleih mit hybrid BIKES - nur ELECTRIC mountainbikes auf Teneriffa !